A National Portrait Gallery Visit…

During my stroll, a few portraits caught my eye. Firstly, I was surprised how William Blake looked more like a scientist or even an accountant (no offense intended to either profession). In modern dramas, he’s portrayed with a mad stare and wild hair to ape his mind and ideas.


Wallis Simpson was so captivating I could understand how a king abdicated because of her. Her eyes and expression are balanced between being inviting and challenging; her  formal but relaxed pose and the broach set against the cool blue of her dress spoke volumes of her style and demeanour. It made me want to dwell and wish I’d had a chance to meet her.


Aleister Crowley’s portrait had a hidden symbol in the yellow paint coming from his hand and arching over his head like a nimbus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 08.18.12.png

Christine Keeler’s photo with the famed chair was powerful, her daring pose and challenging face expression really caught the mood behind the scandal.


This self-portrait of an artist was quite stunning. Sadly I forgot to note her name, but I love the composition.


Again artist and subject unnoted, but again I love the use of colour and framing.